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Hilly Fields Medical Centre

172 Adelaide Avenue
Telephone: 0208 314 5552
Fax: 0208 314 5557

         Welcome to Hilly Fields Medical Centre
The Practice serves the communities of Brockley, Ladywell, Drake, Crofton Park and Blyth Hill neighborhoods which  by nature are suburban areas.  The Practice has continued to grow over the years and now has approximately 13,210 patients.  The present Surgery building was erected in 1994.

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  Your health Information - New Risk profiling please click HERE for more info

 Our Opening Times
 Day         Open                Closed           Phones
 Monday  8.00am  8.00pm  off at 6.30pm
 Tuesday  8.00am  8.00pm  off at 6.30pm
 Wednesday  8.00am  8.00pm  off at 6.30pm
 Thursday  8.00am  8.00pm  off at 6.30pm
 Friday  8.00am  8.00pm  off at 6.30pm
 Saturday  9.00am  12.00am  not on
Every evening phones are switched off by 6.30pm, Doctors & Nurses are available during the Extended Hours by advanced booked appointments only. Outside these hours emergency cover is provided by SELDOC whose telephone number is: 0208 693 9066.

We are running the new Family and Friends Test, after your appointment you will recevie a text message for you to reply about the appointment you just had. 
You will only recive one text per month, but if you have more than one appointment within a month and you wish to complete the FFT for them as well please pickup a FFT leaftet at our reception desk.

The Put patients first Back general practice campaign is demanding that the governments of the UK increase funding for general practice from an historic low of 8.39% to 11% of the UK NHS budget by 2017.
We are asking you to support the RCGP campaign to increase funding for our / your practice. RCGP website:

  We have a new area map search option to check if you are within our area to be able to registrar at this practice. Please select the 'Find Us' tab within the menu header which is in black below the surgery picture above.

Please click on the picture for more information on the HSCIC website

Please click on the picture for a information leaflet

 There is a new version of our patient access system which allows you to book appointments, request medications, update your personal details i.e. mobile number, email address, etc. plus access your medical records.

You now only need one username and password to access all the above services.

When you register online for patient access you will only get access to book appointments. You need to come into the practice with proof of ID i.e. photo driving license, a household bill i.e. gas, electric, etc. you will then been given access to all the other services.

You can now also reset your password or select a user name reminder if you have a mobile number and email address you can give us.

Select the Patient Access Tab for more information and access to the Patient access website


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Practice News

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Patient Access
is now available as an app for your mobile device
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New Website
Welcome to our new website. We hope you find it useful and informative. If you have any…
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