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updated at 11:25pm on 21/02/2018

by Anonymous gave Hilly Fields Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

People really need to stop complaining

I would just like to say what a great job they do at Hillyfields considering the cutbacks made by the government! It was explained to me today that although Hillyfields have lost a few Dr’s they still try and make the most of what they have, As they have not been able to recruit more GP’s.They also have the extended GP access which is based at Lewisham hospital yes it may be a pain to get there but the way I see it is if I need to see a Dr in an emergency I will go anywhere! It is an appointment based service which the reception staff can book for you and they are open mon-sun 8-8pm they have access to your medical records if you give consent. So give the staff a break they are pushed to their limits it really doesn’t help when patients are having a go at them (which I witnessed on Friday).
So keep up the good work Hillyfields.

Visited in December 2017, Posted on 03 December 2017

by Ali Costerton gave Hilly Fields Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Great local surgery

We moved to the area about 5 years ago and have since been registered with the Hillyfields medical practice.

It's a large and very busy surgery, but I've always found them to be hugely responsive to requests for appointments and if you're prepared to phone at 8am on the nose, then you're almost guaranteed to get an appointment on the same day which I know to be a massive rarity, especially in the Lewisham Borough.

The staff are always kind and attentive and I've never felt rushed.

Keep up the good work team. I appreciate this great local service.

Visited in August 2017, Posted on 26 September 2017